Ali Yıldırım

Ali Yıldırım
Stage name: ALEE

Dance experience: 4 Years
Dance teaching experience: 1 Year

Main dance style : Dancehall (Bad Man)
Dance styles I can do: Dancehall (Female), Openstyle

Place of birth : Germany
Date of birth: 11.11.1998

The year I started dancing career: 2018

Participant of festivals and battles (the places you won):
Participated in ISSA Dance Camp 2021, CampFabrika 2022, ADF 2023

Participant of dance projects:
Experience as Backdancer and in Musicvideos
Master class by Laure Cuortellemont

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.

The reason I actively started incooperating dance into my life was the fulfillment it was giving me. My strong connection to music was just only adding onto it. Seeing how diverse a dancer could be has always inspired me, and led me to improve myself in the most different styles of dancing. I believe in being able to balance out both masculine and feminine energy whilst being a decent all-rounder is what makes a good dancer. People like Zacc Milne and Laure Courtellemont have and will inspire me a lot.

Advice for a beginner dancer:
Take it slow, be patient but work hard. Everybody has started as Beginner, it’s all just a matter of time, commitment and educating yourself. Since dancing also is a form of art, you should do this for you and yourself only.

Motto in life:
Always keep it real.


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