Best Dance School

Best Dance School

Istanbul Dance Center

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Volgogradsky Avenue, 1c2

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Baltiyskaya Street, 9

M. Sokol


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Pyatnitskaya Street, 6/1c8

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Best Dance School
Dance Russian Awards 2019

Welcome to MDC NRG – a magical dance space in the heart of Istanbul! Here, you’ll encounter not just a dance school, but a true dance paradise that will mesmerize you from the very first step. Every moment is filled with inspiration and passion, allowing you to unleash your dance potential and transport yourself into a world of limitless possibilities.

At MDC NRG, we take pride in offering not just one or two, but a total of seven spacious studios where professional sound, lighting, and air conditioning create the perfect environment for dance classes. You’ll feel comfortable and free, fully immersing yourself in the magic of movement.

The atmosphere inside the school will leave you captivated. Every corner of our space is infused with the soul of our founders, boasting an exclusive interior design that will impress you with its modernity and originality. Every detail is crafted with love, enveloping you in an atmosphere that inspires and motivates.

The variety of dance styles offered at MDC NRG will simply amaze you. From powerful and energetic styles to graceful and elegant movements, we have everything to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Our instructors and choreographers are true stars of the dance floor. Each one undergoes a meticulous casting process to join our team. They are not only masters of their craft but also genuine inspirations who will help you unlock your dance potential.

But MDC NRG is not just about dance. We also provide ample space for soulful gatherings and relaxation. You’ll enjoy connecting with friends, sharing impressions, and finding inspiration after classes. We’ve created the perfect environment for you to unwind and savor moments of relaxation.

In addition, our school hosts annual events that will leave no one indifferent. Our showcase concerts are true dance spectacles where you can demonstrate your achievements and feel like a genuine star. Open-house days with free dance classes allow you to immerse yourself in the world of dance and try out different styles.

And of course, we organize unforgettable dance parties. It’s a time when we come together to let loose and enjoy the rhythms of music. Dance beats, fun, and a friendly atmosphere – all await you at MDC NRG.

So, wait no longer! Join us at MDC NRG and let dance become a part of your life. Here, you’ll find everything you need for dance excellence – studios, inspiration, professionalism, and, of course, unforgettable emotions.

Your dance journey begins here and now!