Axx Oricci

Nemov Alexey
Stage name: Axx Oricci

Dance experience: 6 years
Dance teaching experience: 4 years

Main dance style: vogue

Place of birth : Moscow
Date of birth: 02.09.2000

The year I started dancing career: 2018

Dance team and city:

2018 – 2020 — Vint’age crew
2020 – until now — Member of the International Royal House of Nina Oricci

Participant of festivals and battles:

Since 2020 года:

1. Christmas ball 2020: final old way
2. Christmas aftermath 2020: final old way
3. San junipero 2020: gp old way on a disco
4. Genesis ball 2020: gp old way + gp old way vs new way
5. I’m vogue ball: final old way
6. Big lamas: gp mf old way + gp mf vs ff old way
7. Genesis ball 2021: oricci gp old way
8. Genesis ball 2021: oricci gp sex siren
9. NRG ball: gp mf sex siren
10. Deep in vogue: final excalibur
11. Fashion season ball: gp old way
12. Barbie vogue party: gp performance
13. Fashion is everything ball: gp old way
14. Dune ball: gp old way

Passed dance master classes:

Kendal Mugler, Marina Ultra Omni, Yanou Ninja, Vitaliy Ninja, Viktor Tisci, Monster Babylon, Irina Milan, Daria Elle, Veronika Ninja, Karma Oricci, Alan Saint Laurent, Serge Saint Laurent, Ritchy Oricci, Shiva Mugler, Snake Ninja

Organizer of classes and festivals:
Co-Organiser: Whoop Whoop kiki ball (Moscow, 2020), Turkish vogue ball – Disney Edition (Istanbul, 2023), Pose vogue party (Istanbul, 2023)

Study abroad:
Istanbul, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Minsk, Erevan
Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life. A detailed answer is preferred

I’ve started to dance, because I liked some dance tv projects, I was at school and I really wanted to have a hobby. After some time I realised that it became more than a hobby to me. I started to meet the vogue not only as a dance style, but as a culture, as a community! And I’ve found my place there, because I was loved, inspired, motivated and passionate!

Advice for a beginner dancer:
Work hard, enjoy the process, make mistakes they help to grow, take care of your health, save money to treble and to show yourself, don’t be afraid, be open-minded, respect other dance communities, respect your culture, respect your afford.

Motto in life:
Make the most of yourself — for that is all there is of you


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