Elif Aleyna

Elif Aleyna

Dance experience: 10 years
Dance teaching experience: 4 years

Main dance style : contemporary
Dance styles I can do: cont., modern, ballet, high heels, ladies

Place of birth : Kadıköy, istanbul
Date of birth: 1998​ 16 april

The year I started dancing career: 10 years ago

Participant of festivals and battles: improdance fest, tdsf, datsuzoku

Passed dance master classes: modern ballet class, contemporary master classes

Organizer of classes and festivals: folkart, Gilles kanert, sofia casprini, tuğçe tuna etc.

Study abroad:
2019,erasmus+youth Exchange volunteer Project, veynes france

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life. A detailed answer is preferred.
The passion of the movement inside me encouraged me to dance always and everywhere since ı was little. Some of the dancers who inspired me: william forsythe, pina bausch, ndt dance company, sasha Waltz, dimitris papaiaonou

Advice for a beginner dancer: practice is everything. Love yourself, embrace yourself and do it your best.

Motto in life: reality is a perception. Create your own reality otherwise you cant feel that you belong to all of nowhere, nothing.


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