Elvina Daminova


Elvina Daminova
Stage name:Elvina

Dance experience:14 years
Dance teaching experience:6 years

Main dance style :dancehall
Dance styles I can do: Dancehall, hip hop, juzz funk, oriental dance, reggaeton, high heels
Place of birth :Kazan Russia
Date of birth:13 august

The year I started dancing career: 2009

Dance team and city:
Kingstep dance studio

Participant of festivals and battles:
All about oriental dance
Europe and Russian champion of oriental dance

Participant of dance projects:

Passed dance master classes:
Alina Barilova, Alexandr Carev, Kirill Zub
almost all train team from Kingstep studio (one of the best in Russia)

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.
As a child, my mother took me to oriental dances, this was the beginning of my journey. Also, I loved to watch dance videos of other street styles
Of course, «Step Up» movie was also one of the inspirations to start trying other styles. The way I can express myself in dance, liberate myself, and how I can transfer my emotions from real life to dance is one of the reasons why I can spend days in the dance studio.

Advice for a beginner dancer:Don’t be afraid to be funny and make mistakes. This is typical – not immediately understand the matter in which you just came, without difficulties there will be no result. Be bold in your decisions

Motto in life:
Never give up


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