Emir Yenici
Stage name:Fullmetal

Dance experience:5 years
Dance teaching experience:3 years

Main dance style :Freestyle
Dance styles I can do: I dont prefer to separate styles,for me all is one and all exist only together. Music is the style,dancer is the message.

Place of birth :İstanbul
Date of birth:3rd June 2001

The year I started dancing career: 2021

Dance team and city:
9cats crew from istanbul 2021 est

Passed dance master classes: ı learned this in the street

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.
It’s a celebration of life for me,ı just do it,ı dont have a reason.

Advice for a beginner dancer: Keep doing what you believe,focus on you and when your focus shifts on others remember to focus on you.

Motto in life:


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