Hamit Coşkun


Hamit Coşkun

I have been dancing for 4 years
I have been dance instructor for 1 year

My main style is hiphop
Dance styles i can do dancehall, afro, locking, house

Place of birth: sibay/baskurdistan/ russia

Date of birth: 23.07.1999
the year i started dancing career: 2022

Dance team: huriicane titans

Participant за festivals and battles:
3nd in turkıs chanpıonshıp
6nd in turkısh championshıp

Dance projects:
I improved on choreography and staging in clips of local and foreign artists.

Master classes i passed:
Roma rudenko
Fıdel buıka.

I organized a camp with dancers from turks and many nationalities.

Who or what was the reason for the beggining of dance life:
I met dancing at the age of 20 through a university dance club, thanks to a poster i saw by chance. Dancing has become my biggest passion since then. Besides, it has brought me incredible friendships and i owe most of the reasons that make me enjoy life to dancing

Advice beginners: being patient and giving yourself time on this path, working hard and of course hitting the bottom of the fun.

The motto is: a tree that wants to reach heaven must put it’s roots in hell.







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