Kübrasu Türkeri

Kübrasu Türkeri

Dance experience: 10 years of rhythmic gymnastics 13 years of dancing
Dance teaching experience: 6

Main dance style : Contemporary
Dance styles I can do: Contemporary, high heels, salsa, bachata, hip-hop, bale

Place of birth : Adana/ Turkey
Date of birth: 14.11.1998

The year I started dancing career: 2015

Dance team and city:
Adana Dance Academy hip-hop team (2010) ,
Ritmo Latino Dance Academy Latin team (2015),
Trio Dance Academy Latin team (2017)

Participant of festivals and battles:
2016 – 2023 Latin dance festivals in Turkey

Participant of dance projects:
Adana dance academy annual performences,
Çukurova University dance team project,
Hacettepe University repertoire pieces,
Mimar Sinan Fine arts University repertoire pieces,
commercial projects (Magnum, Flormar, De facto)
music videos (Sena Şener etc)

Passed dance master classes:
Selatin Kara, Yoshika Chuma, Mehmet Sander, Yossi & Oded (Kibbutz&Batsheva)

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.

I started to dance at a very young age with the support of my father.

Advice for a beginner dancer:
Don’t stick with just one style, try everything!

Motto in life:
“I don’t walk, I dance.”


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