Melisa Guven
Stage name: Melissa

Dance experience: 20 years
Dance teaching experience: 2 years

Main dance style : Reggaeton
Dance styles I can do: Latin dance sport, ballet, reggaeton, dancehall

Place of birth : Moscow/Russia
Date of birth: 12.01.1998

The year I started dancing career: I started dancing at the age of 4, but my teaching career began in 2021.

Passed dance master classes: Every year I participate in “Ritmo” reggaeton fest in Moscow. It ıs the best opportunity to take classes from best reggaeton choreographers.

Also, recently I finished my “Reggaeton step 1” and “Reggaetn step 2” courses by my mentor- Alesenka Lesenka- most famous reggaeton choreograpler in Russia.

Study abroad: I spent my whole dance life in Russia, I still travel to Moscow to take dance classes.

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.
My mentor- Lessi was the one who made me believe in myself and start teaching. I am grateful that she saw that in me once- it is my biggest passion now.

Advice for a beginner dancer: Try different dance styles, take classes from various choreographers, attend master classes and festivals- explore yourself from different perspectives.

Motto in life: “Do things you never thought you could do”


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