Name : Ridvan Bayar
Nickname: Mr.Didii

Dance experience: 8 years
Dance teaching experience: 4 years

Main Dance Style: Hip-Hop/Break Dance
Dance styles I can do: Hip-Hop, Break dance, popping, house, locking, afro, contemporary
Date of birth: 10/12/1995
I started my dance career in 2015
Dance team and city: Satisfunktion Crew, Dans Perform Cast, Istanbul
Participant of festivals and battles: Hip Hop 4life, Edf Dance festival, Final Jam Events, Boss Dance Camp, World of Dance

Competitions of dance projects: Migros, Coca-Cola, Talented Turkey, Here is my style, Tiger 3 and concerts

Passed through dance master classes: Niako Lamarre, Slim Boogie, Mike Disco, Hiro Alma, Fidel Buika, Kevin Paradox, Diablo Premier, Kenzo Alvares, Laura Nala, Frankie J
Study abroad : BE Dance academy, Depo dance, Element’s Dance Atelier , Sdr Dance, HipHome Dance

What was the reason of beginning dance career:
Dance and music entered my life after watching the movies “You Served” and “RIZE” between the ages of 9-11. In this case, I had an injury at the age of 14 and 4 years after the surgery, I was introduced to Hip Hop culture and started dancing again at the age of 18. Hip Hop continued to be a full part of my life and integrated with music. My struggle for me as a lifestyle still continues and continues.

Advice for a beginner:
Be comparative in amounts, whatever you are doing for dancing, keep doing what you are doing. Then you will see that the solution is just for you.
Motto of Life: Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun


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