Nastya Gaga

Anastasiia Gagarina
Stage name: Nastya Gaga

Dance experience: 19 years
Dance teaching experience: 9 years

Main dance style : Hip-hop
Dance styles I can do: Jazz-funk, High-heels

Place of birth : Russia, Moscow
Date of birth: 30 July 1991

The year I started dancing career: 2012

Dance team and city:
Corn’s Children, Moscow 2012-2013
Lil’Fam, Moscow 2014-2016
Legend crew, Moscow 2019

Participant of festivals and battles:
With Lil’Fam crew:
USA – WOD’16 2nd place
Germany – Finals’16 1st place
Spain – The Best On’15 2nd place
Switzerland – Dance2dance’15 2nd place
Russia – Coliseum’15 1st place
Russia – WOD’15 1st place
Russia – Project818’15 1st place
Russia – Project818’14 1st place

Passed dance master classes:

Buddha Stretch
Brian Puspos
Antony Lee
Brian Friedman
Yanis Marshall
Les Twins
Bam Martin

Study abroad:

August 2016 Los Angeles Movement Lifestyle studio
August 2016 Los Angeles Millennium dance complex

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.

I always was a dancer. In primary school my fav lesson was choreography, we made musicals and performed it on the stage and it was so exciting!
Then in 13 yo i find the coolest dancing studio in my city and started to go there. The community and atmosphere was so amazing, so i spend all my free time there on the lessons and battles.

Advice for a beginner dancer:

Enjoy your every little achievement!

Motto in life:

There are thousands of options to get what you want. You should just really know what you want deeply in your heart.


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