Yuri Mazurov
Stage name: Neon

Dance experience: 20 years
Dance teaching experience: 4 years

Place of Birth: Ulyanovsk
Date of birth: 07.08.1997

The year I started dancing career: 2003

Dance team and city: “Diamond” Ulyanovsk

Passed dance master classes: Jazz Class – Maria Choruzhina

Organizer of classes and festivals: Batumi Yoga-Dance festival 2022

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life:
The biggest influence on me was my mother, she gave me to dance as a child, and I didn’t like it at all.
But my mother insisted, because she saw that it was mine and I was just lazy
After her death, I began to dance very actively, to improve in everything, dancing helped me get out of various sad stories, helped me distract myself from bad thoughts. Dancing made me a person and a significant person in society!
Advice for a beginner dancer:
Find your inspiration, learn to draw it from everything around, know that the main value and the main source of inspiration are people.
Motto in life: My life- my rules


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