Ruslan Elle


Ruslan Deryugin
Stage name: Ruslan Elle

Dance experience: 16 years
Dance teaching experience: 7 years

Main dance style : Vogue, High Heels
Dance styles I can do: Waacking, Contemporary, Balroom Dance

Place of birth : Ivanovo
Date of birth: 24 December

The year I started dancing career: 5

Dance team and city:
International House of ELLE

Participant of festivals and battles:
Winner and finalist:
Russian Label Ball
Deep in Vogue Ball
Christmas Ball
NRG Ball
Soviet Union Ball
Balenciaga Ball
Fashion Season Ball
Big Lamas Aftermath Ball
I’m Vogue Ball
Ural Vogue Ball
Virgin Ball

Participant of dance projects: commercial filming and music videos (Russia, China, Turkey) theater performances,dance TV show «Танцы на ТНТ 4»

Passed dance master classes:
Benjamin Elle, Yanis Marshall, Brian Friedman, Aliya Jannel, Kiira Harper, Cisco, Ritchy Oricci, Nicole Kirkland, etc.

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.
My mother gave me the opportunity to dance when I was 5 years old. I started my journey with ballroom dancing. Since then, dance has accompanied me all the way.

Advice for a beginner dancer: The most important thing is dedication and hard work. If you have a desire, then you can achieve your goals. Remember to love yourself

Motto in lifуe:
Love yourself and believe in your dreams.









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