Sinem Sapancı
Stage name: S1NEM

Dance experience: 10 years
Dance teaching experience: 4 years

Main dance style : Jazz Funk / Urban

Dance styles I can do: Hip-Hop / High Heels/ Street Jazz/ Girly Hip-Hop / Kpop/ afro / dance hall/ Reggaeton/Zumba

Place of birth : Balıkesir/Edremit
Date of birth: 02.08.2001
The year I started dancing career: 2019
Participant of festivals and battles: Issa Dance camp (DansFabrika)
Passed dance master classes: Urban dance (Ömer Yeşilbaş)
Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.

I believe I was born to dance

I was always a shy child when I was little, but I felt very confident and good while dancing. In primary school, I would be at the front of the dance shows, I knew I had the talent for it. I grew up imitating the dancers I saw on television, wishing to be like them.
I would dance secretly in a small room because the person who supported me was not many. There wasn’t any, I trained myself in a room. There was no one to give me a course or training, but even if there was, I couldn’t take it.

Before she passed away, my sister was always supportive, I always told her about my dream, that I wanted to be a dance instructor, that I wanted to be a very good dancer, and she always supported me. She believed that I could do it. She was the only one.

The saying “It’s your life, don’t worry about what anyone says, if you do, you won’t have a place in your life” has always guided me in difficult times. Now my wishes have come true, I hope she is proud of me 🕊️

Advice for a beginner dancer:

Don’t compare yourself with anyone. It cannot be stopped that everyone uses the same computer and under the same conditions. Your main goal should not be to be better, but to be better than before. You can achieve anything very quickly. When you want to give up, remember how to disperse. Find and develop your own style. Learn other content, dive deeper into dance, and limit yourself. You can increase your endurance by dancing, it is possible to win among people on stage. Just like the baby learns to walk, we also develop dancing step by step. Always keep dancing.

Motto in life:
•Your goal should not be to be better than others, but to be better than your old self

•The most important thing that will make you achieve your dreams is your courage.


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