Safa Ezbek

Safa Ezbek

Dance experience: 10 years
Dance teaching experience: 5 years

Main dance style : AfroHeels
Dance styles I can do: High Heels, Afro, Dancehall, Vogue, Hip hop, Open Style, Plasticity

Place of birth : Moscow
Date of birth: 07.11.2000

The year I started dancing career: 2019

Dance team and city:
In Moscow, I was a member of the komЭnda dancing team which was mostly concentrated on the development of your own open style, creation of video works, participation in championships, etc.
I was also a member of two creative closed teams: Afro team by Sonchik, High heels team by Murashko.

Participant of festivals and battles:
Second place at the HSE dance battle.
Inside dance championship Adult Pro division – the second place with my team.

Participant of dance projects:
Plasticity project, clips Nika Benami, Alemond.

Passed dance master classes:
Yanis Marshall High Heels Intensive. Lesha Martinov practice High Heels intensive. Plasticity workshops program.
RussianTopX, dance time project, truetwerkcamp workshops, etc.

Organizer of classes and festivals:
My own High Heels, Afro Choreo and AfroHeels workshops in Moscow and in Istanbul.

Study abroad:
Campfabrika dance camp in Turkey 2021,2022 ; High Heels dance Camp in Turkey 2021,2022

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.
I started dancing with the help of my mother when I was a child. But at conscious age, I continued my dancing path in different teams, and groups where my mentors guided me, they spread love in me for dancing different styles, for self-development in the dancing world and for teaching in the future.

Advice for a beginner dancer:
Never say to yourself that you can’t, just keep doing what you like.

Motto in life:
Always keep developing yourself


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