Yalın Peker

Yalın Peker
Stage name: 808Yalin

Dance experience: 8 years
Dance teaching experience: 2 years

Main dance style : AFRO
Dance styles I can do: Hip – Hop (Popping , House…) LiteFeet & Elecktronic & Shuffle Dance Social Latin (salsa,bachata,Kizomba) & Yöresel Danslar (Zeybek, Harmandalı vb..)

Place of birth : Türkiye Aydın/Nazilli
Date of birth: 16.11.1996

The year I started dancing career: 2016

Passed dance master-classes:

Participated in classes and festivals:
AYE AFRODANCE FEST! AFREEKA BDC & FinalJam(2022) – Hip Hop Ladies Turkey – BOSSDANCE CAMP(2022) – Wolrd Of Dance Turkey – 2022 – Afro Dance Class in Turkey & & African Dance Dictionary and FYD ACADEMY

Study abroad:
I haven’t studied abroad yet. However, I took lessons in many dance styles from many instructors who came to Turkey from abroad and attended camps.

Who or what was the reason for the beginning of dance life.

Dancing became a part of my life in the sixth grade when I came home from class and started browsing Youtube. At first, I wasn’t sure what to look for, so I clicked on the first video that caught my eye – a Techno Dance Mix. Then I watched the Step Up dance series and started researching different types of dance, such as breakdancing, hip hop, popping, house, and social dances like Zeybek and Harmandalı. I also discovered electronic and mixed dance, as well as social Latin dances like bachata, Kizomba, and salsa. During this journey, I met new people and learned about the beauty and diversity of dance. I continue to explore my body through taking classes in many different dance styles, and I draw inspiration from everything around me. If you want to get started on your own dance journey, you just have to take the first step. Lots of love <3

Advice for a beginner dancer:
“If you are just starting to dance, don’t be afraid! Have fun, enjoy yourself, and stay on the path. You have the potential to achieve anything! Here are some things you should do:

Learn (research, take notes)
Practice (repeat, have fun, enjoy)
Practice even more (discover!)
Allow yourself time to understand the type of dance/style you are interested in (at least 3-6 months)
Never give up! And don’t forget, nothing in life will ever be as easy as you want it to be! Accept what dance gives and write your own story Much Love! #808yalin”

Motto in life: If you want to achieve something, you have to take steps first!


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