Afro dance style

The incendiary and energetic style of Afro Dance absorbed the active movements of fast African dances. It is performed by tribes during ceremonies and rituals. These are very rhythmic dances, all movements are clear, refined and liberated. This style is dominated by bright, sharp and active gestures. This distinguishes Afro dance from other types of dance.

The birth of African dances

The birthplace of energetic and incendiary dances is Africa, sunny and hot in all plans, namely the Sahara. Tribes connected with nature through dance, united with each other, fell into a trance. It was believed that dancing, you can communicate with the gods.

Afro Dance is based on the ritual movements of many tribes. Combining them and thus creating something new and something that cannot leave indifferent. The main essence of these rhythmic dances is considered to be some special pulsation of music. It penetrates the body, penetrates the soul of the dancer and finds its echo in bright, energetic and smooth movements.

Afro Dance: Unleash your body

What makes afro dance special? In this enchanting and pulsing dance, natural and wild instincts are still alive. The main dance movements of the dances of the black continent are expressive, powerful and active movements of the hips. The purpose of the dance is to attract the gaze of the opposite sex.

Afro dance is often referred to as “grounded”. This is due to the fact that by performing it, you can use absolutely every part of the case, but leave the center of the body, that is, the solar plexus, motionless. That is, legs, head, arms, everything moves chaotically and vigorously, everything except the center.

The Benefits of Afro Dance

By actively practicing this style of dance, you will notice that you begin to lose weight. Energetic and incendiary movements require a lot of calories. Due to this, fat is burned, weight and volume are reduced. Your body becomes much more plastic, graceful and flexible.

Such dances, like yoga, help to open up and get to know yourself from a different, completely new side. Through African dance, you can throw out any emotions. Survive any difficulty, moving rhythmically and selflessly to the beat of enchanting music.

Who suits the style?

If you are looking for something new! Do you want to try something unknown and interesting that will not deprive you of indifference and leave some trace in your soul? That afro dance is what you need. You are young and full of energy! Your energy fills all space and you do not know where else to put it? Active African dances will help you direct her in the right direction. Afro Dance is not only active and beautiful dances, but also pleasant rhythmic music, good fitness training and a great mood.


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