Reggaeton is perhaps one of the brightest and most energetic dance styles that exist in the world. Which, perhaps, is not at all surprising: what else can be a style that originated in the Caribbean?

As usual in the dance world, the music came first. The immediate birthplace of reggaeton as a musical style is Puerto Rico. Where Spanish reggae joined with Dem Bow – a musical rhythm characteristic of reggaeton. The name of this rhythm, by the way, came from the song of the same name by the artist Shabba Ranks, which, in fact, has nothing to do with reggaeton.

Reggaeton music, as a rule, is Spanish-language, rhythmic, bright, and the lyrics are about relationships, love, poverty. In general, about everything that the inhabitants of Puerto Rico live with. By the way, the first years the government tried to ban reggaeton. There were even raids in support of morality with the seizure of cassettes with reggaeton music (this was still the 90s), but soon the authorities surrendered. It was then that reggaeton sounded from everywhere, and half the world danced to it. Daddy Yankee, Don Omar – familiar names, aren’t they?


A special and recognizable rhythm is also dictated by the main pattern of the dance: these are various necks and bright accents by all parts of the body. Reggaeton is both sexuality, and aggression, and smoothness, and emotionality. But first of all, it’s fun and a burst of energy: even if you had a hard day, training will bring you back to life and make you smile again. This is the same style of dance that arose for the sake of fun, and therefore it is simply impossible to get bored in the classroom. And one more indisputable plus of this particular style. Even if you are shy or closed in everyday life, when you start dancing reggaeton you will notice that you have begun to feel much more confident!

Now the style is actively developing, both in the Caribbean (for example, in Cuba, a completely separate sub-style has already taken shape, which even bears little resemblance to the original version of reggaeton), and throughout the world. More classes, more tracks, more teams and parties. Therefore, plunging into the world of reggaeton, you can always find where to dance and in which direction to develop. And no matter what you choose for yourself – partying or just training in the gym – it will always be fun!


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