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There are dance styles that are rapidly gaining popularity, and then dissolve among others. And there is hip-hop, and it will exist forever.

Hip-hop is one of the most popular and wide-ranging youth subcultures that have ever existed. Hip-hop has a recognizable style of performance and at the same time is characterized by the individual presentation of each dancer. Therefore, hip-hop involves improvisation, the free combination of techniques from different styles, the invention of new movements and styles. Every year there are new forms of dance expression, new information and ideas.

In order to explain what kind of style this is, you need to delve a little into the past. In the 70s of the 20th century, hip-hop music appeared in the USA, and people began to dance. Naturally, no one came up with special movements, everyone just gathered at parties and moved as their body told them to. And slowly, the style began to develop first in the format of social dances in parallel with other areas of hip-hop culture: directly music, DJing, graffiti, MC. Now it is a huge cultural layer that has had a great impact on society and continues to grow day by day.

Now hip-hop as a dance is absolutely everywhere. If you open any social network, half of the dance moves in the challenges will be based on the moves of this style. Half of the numbers in the back-dance at the stars – in the style of hip-hop. If there are dancers in the advertisement, then there is an eighty percent chance they will dance – guess what? – hip-hop.

This is all because hip-hop always looks absolutely natural. Now let’s explain why. As we know, hip-hop music “rocks” – you just start to move into the beat along with the track. Try to turn on Snoop Dogg and not start moving your head to the beat of his track – it’s almost impossible. This is the most basic element of this style – the swing, which is dictated by the music itself, and all other movements already follow from it.

If it seems to you that hip-hop is rather one-sided, then you are very, very wrong. In it, everyone can find something that is close to him. For those who do not want to limit themselves to something, who want freedom and be closer to the origins, there is hip-hop improvisation. And from here there is a direct path to the battles, which take place in huge numbers around the world. Probably the largest of them is the French Juste Debout, which gathers dancers from all over the world once a year. In improv classes, the teacher usually gives basic steps or exercises that students work on during the lesson.

Hip-hop хореография

– this is also a whole separate world full of events (for example, dance championships, the largest of which is Hip-Hop International, which has been held for 20 years). In hip-hop choreo lessons, as a rule, a certain combination of movements is learned for a certain track, and this has its own huge buzz.

It doesn’t matter which of the hip-hop directions you choose for yourself, because this dance is not only about moving to music. This is a great energy and a huge community with a great history. Well, yes, it’s a thrill from that feeling when you completely dissolve in music.
Hip-Hop has been without a doubt the most popular dance style in the world for many years. There is a fashion that quickly gains momentum and passes quite quickly, many styles simply disappear. And there is hip-hop, which will never disappear.

Originating on the street, hip-hop is a dance created by people for people. African-American guys just danced in the street, as their bodies told them to. So, unlike many other styles, hip-hop is a natural story. The most characteristic thing in hip-hop is the quality. Imagine that you hear music, you want to move to it. Involuntarily you begin to move to the rhythm. Congratulations – you have already taken a step towards hip-hop, it remains to work out the groove. Groove is your inner dance rhythm. Each person has his own, special and unique, it is worth relaxing a little in the dance – and you will understand what it is about.

Once you understand how to download and catch a groove, and then all roads are open before you. There is something to choose from. The style is so multifaceted that every dancer will find something to their liking. The most conditional and popular division is choreography and improvisation.

Hip-hop improvisation

As for improvisation, everything here is more about the individuality of the dancer. You just open up completely to the music and dance the way you feel at the moment. There are no restrictions at all (apart from purely stylistic ones), complete freedom. And where to demonstrate your uniqueness – at jams, just like on the streets in New York, where it all began, or at battles, gathering hundreds of dancers (and if it’s Juste Debout, then thousands) – this is everyone’s business.

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