Frame Up Strip

Frame Up Strip

If you think about what style of dance is now at the very peak of popularity, then the answer will be absolutely obvious – it is frame up strip. At all championships, it is the teams of girls in high heels, performing complex acrobatic elements on the ground, that time after time win prizes, winning the hearts of the jury and spectators and beating even the most powerful hip-hop teams in points.

And all not only because it is incredibly spectacular, but also because it is absolutely unique. Frame up appeared in Russia. And it was invented by Anastasia Yurasova, who truly created something unique and unparalleled. What has now turned into real art, absolutely amazing. What can I say: teams of performers of this style began to appear all over the world!

Exactly strip?

Yes, it has the word strip in its name, which hints at the origins of the style: beautiful body curves, emphasized sexuality and plasticity. And it is performed on strips – special shoes with heels and platforms, in which the instep of the foot is particularly stretched. But frame up is much more than beautiful sexual movements, as in strip plastic. These are daring, sharp movements, and unusual images, which have long been not limited to exclusively feminine presentation, and the musicality that is especially characteristic of this style: when you watch videos with performers of this style, it seems that you are seeing music.

Most of the Frame Up elements are performed on the ground, that is, on the floor. It contains a lot of interesting acrobatic elements, borrowed from other styles, but adapted for performance on strips (in which dancing is much easier than it seems from the outside). But don’t be afraid ahead of time that this is incredibly difficult: a good explanation, a little practice, and everything will work out!
Well, if you are still in doubt whether to try it or not: definitely try it! Strips on legs instantly raise your sense of self to the skies, and the special imagery of the choreography allows you to experience thousands of emotions and your own stories during a training.

Strip plastic – dance or lifestyle?

Without exaggeration, strip dance is now perhaps one of the most popular dance styles. More and more dancers are performing solo at major competitions. They tear the stage to shreds and take away the main prizes, bypassing seasoned hip-hoppers. More and more teams are leaving behind the recognized monsters of the scene. And all because the strip is sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing and not vulgar at all. Believe me, when foreign choreographers come to us, they are incredibly delighted with how in Russia they managed to create a new style of dance and teach the strip as an art.

Are strips necessary?

As a rule, this style of dance is performed on strips: those same shoes with huge heels and platforms that you are thinking of. But don’t panic: first of all, they are really comfortable. Secondly, a distinctive feature of the strip is the work in the stalls, on the floor, where a huge heel does not interfere at all, but on the contrary even helps. At a minimum, just by putting on strips, you will feel more feminine than ever.

Once you start doing the strip, you will not only learn how to dance on the floor, but also how to do basic acrobatics (which are not at all as difficult as it seems at first glance). Dancers even sometimes joke that stripping is like breaking in heels. Because those elements that are sometimes performed by professional strip dancers are not inferior in entertainment to B-boy tricks.

Well, you will finally feel your body. Improve your stretching, learn to pull your toes in any situation and unlock that inner potential of femininity. Which for the time being lies dormant inside each one. So grab your heels quickly (you don’t have to come straight to the strip to get started), and come to the training!


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