Feelings in every movement are Contemporary. A dance that allows the performer to fully express himself. It can be danced by one person or two. The dance of a man and a woman is especially remarkable, tender touches, passionate glances, love fusion. You can see in reality how two souls know each other. If you want to experience all this, then come to the MDC NRG dance studio.

Что такое Contemporary

This is an interesting combination of several styles. Western dances – (modern, classical, jazz movements). Oriental styles (Yoga, Tai Chi Quan).

What else does Contemporary give a person besides positive emotions. By attending dance courses, you can rid your body of such ailments as muscle clamps. Release your joints from heaviness. It is very useful for developing spinal mobility. If before you had problems with balance, now forget about it, balance is your second “I”.

Contemporary dance (contemporary) is a direction in modern choreography. It originates from such dance styles as modern, jazz modern, postmodern. In his technique, he avoids the clearly defined movements of classical ballet (although he uses its principles).

The lack of limits in Contemporary dance opens up endless horizons for people to express themselves in dance. Gives amazing physical abilities and unforgettable impressions of the dance.

For beginners

Contemporary dance is safe and accessible for beginners, and always leaves room for improvement for professionals – the ease and naturalness of movement that this direction of dance brings up allows you to discover new facets again and again. During classes, attention is paid to breathing, bodily “awareness”, the quality of movements, work with space, body weight, emotions.

By practicing, you will learn to enjoy the movement itself. And your body will become more flexible and harmonious. And there and to the top – improvisation – within easy reach.

Currently, contemporary is widespread in the West and is already developing quite steadily in Russia.

Contemporary dance classes develop musicality, a sense of rhythm, proper breathing, body positioning, and coordination of movements. The ability to control your body.

Visit the MDC NRG dance school. Learn to move in the rhythm of Contemporary, get new opportunities, show everyone what you are capable of. Clothing for classes should be loose and natural.

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