Jazz Funk


– one of the youngest dance styles. It literally just appeared (the time of origin is the beginning of the 2000s), gained incredible popularity. It is the performances in the jazz-funk style that can be seen at the performances and in the videos of such popular singers as Lady Gaga or Madonna.

Three famous American choreographers can rightfully be considered the founders of the style: Brian Friedman, Kevin Maher and Bobby Newberry. It was this trinity that first mixed hip-hop and jazz-modern, added to all this pretentious mannerism, by which it is customary to define this style.

But this approach to defining what jazz funk is is somewhat erroneous. As these same choreographers say, mannerisms play an important role. But not a leader either: first of all, in this style, it is important to beat the music. Smoothness, softness, jazz puffs with hard points, straight lines multiplied by femininity and expression. That’s what jazz funk is.

Expression has also remained from street jazz: jazz-funk is often perceived as the most emotional of all existing styles. He can be tough, he can be lyrical, he can be on the groove. And it can be exaggerated sexual – in any case, the viewer will not remain indifferent.

Kazaky’s influence

The general demand for jazz-funk in Russia began after the release of the first clip of the famous Ukrainian group Kazaky “In the middle”. The team was founded by dancers. Therefore, the choreography in the video played a key role. In it, for the first time, the team members appeared in heels. Which later became their main feature. Perhaps this is what distorted the perception of the style as exclusively “mannered choreography”.

Jazz funk is danced mainly to modern pop music. The real icons of this dance genre are Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc.

The preferred dress code for jazz-funk in the hall is anything that makes you feel free and sexy. Most often these are wide trousers or leggings, with a shirt tied to the waist, wide T-shirts, sneakers. At performances, jazz funkers can always be recognized by their bright, literally screaming costumes. Reminiscent of the stage images of the very stars, to the music of which the choreography is performed.

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