Girly Hip-Hop

Girly hip-hop is a direction for those girls who are close in spirit to hip-hop culture, but really don’t want to become a harsh underground lady in wide pants. On the contrary, I want to preserve and highlight my femininity as much as possible.

We can say that girly hip-hop is a border style between such popular styles as hip-hop and jazz-funk. Groove, basic movements, amplitude and, of course, music in this style – from the first. And plasticity, mannerisms, sharpness and bright presentation from the second. Daring, sparkling and sexy, this style cannot leave anyone indifferent. Like many other dance styles, this one allows the dancer to express himself in the dance, show his inner world and uniqueness. Often, by the way, it is the dancers of this style who stand on their heels. The style remains, but all movements automatically become more feminine.

For example, you can look at the incredibly popular American choreographer Aliya Janell: this is a bright representative of this style, gaining an insane amount of views on the Internet. And all because it is this style that allows you to maximize your femininity and character and show yourself from the best sides. So there are Beyonce, Ciara, Niki Minaj and Cardi B for you, not just names periodically flashing in the Instagram feed, if you want to reveal yourself, gain confidence and develop inner strength, but at the same time pump up the press, tighten the core muscles and even lose some weight – this style of dance is exactly for you! Don’t hesitate and come to class: these dances will change your life for the better.


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