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We are sure that you have watched the popular clips of Pussycat dolls, Beyonce, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears more than once. Today, it is not necessary to be a popular pop star to also shine on stage and delight fans. Thanks to the newfangled dance trend High Heels, any girl, regardless of her dance training, can learn how to move beautifully in heels, which will allow her to reveal her femininity and become irresistible in dance! The High Heels trend has already received its wide popularity in the West and is now being successfully mastered in Russia.

High Heels is a bright mix of various dance styles, namely a synthesis of popular modern trends: hip-hop, vogue, waacking, jazz modern, twerk, jazz funk, etc. There are no rules and clear boundaries – there is freedom and many, many experiments. The main attribute of High Heels dancing is high heeled shoes.

High-Heels Advantages:

· Putting on high-heeled shoes, the girls immediately transform externally and internally: the posture becomes even, the shoulders straighten, the gait becomes very harmonious, beautiful and seductive. And the girls themselves begin to feel more confident, attractive and sexy! And this is reflected not only in the dance, but also in all other aspects of their life …)))

· And for girls who feel extremely insecure and constrained in heels, High Hills is a great opportunity to learn how to walk in high heels in everyday life. In addition, you will be able to dance incendiary in nightclubs and at various festivities, and you will be provided with admiring glances from all those present.

Since High Heels is a mixture of styles, it will allow you to explore several directions at once, which will expand your dance horizons. And if you are a continuing dancer and specialize in one particular style, then High Hills is a great opportunity to bring zest to your dance.

· By dancing High Heels, you can improve your physical shape and tighten your body, develop a sense of rhythm and musicality, plasticity and flexibility of the body and get tremendous pleasure from the learning process!

If you are fascinated by such dances, and you have been thinking about High Heels classes for a long time, then run to our classes as soon as possible. The MDC NRG team makes your dreams come true!

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