VOGUE, an extraordinarily spectacular dance style, is winning all the great love of dancers from all over the world! This is not just a dance style, but a unique culture that goes far beyond dance. The direction originated in the second half of the 20th century in the USA, it is gaining more and more popularity among dancers, and simply dance lovers in the Russian dance environment! The style was made famous by Madonna and the documentary Paris is Burning. We all remember the bright and stylish clip of Madonna “Vogue”.

What is it that attracts so many creative people to this dance style?

The salient features of the style are:

1) A sharp fading of the dancer in one of the poses for a while, then continuing the movement. These poses are mannered and pretentious, but at the same time very stylish;

2) Imitation of poses and facial expressions of models from Vogue magazine, respectively, a huge number of poses in the dance;

3) Vogue is performed to music in the style of House;

4) Often the vogue dance involves shocking;

5) In dance, your image, presentation and message are important;

6) The highlight of this direction is the gracefulness of forms and movements;

7) First of all, your individuality and uniqueness are valued in dance.

Vog dance is divided into 3 sub-styles:

– Old way – original dance movements, the emphasis is on posture and grace. This direction includes elements of the earliest wog.

– New way – complicated elements that require balance and control, while the emphasis is on hand movements. This direction is based on various dance styles, flexing, acrobatic elements, as well as musicality and stretching.

– Vogue femme is the most feminine sub-style of vogue, based on emphasizing the lines of the figure, femininity and sexuality.

The so-called VOGUE-houses and VOGUE-balls are a feature of this style.

For their own self-expression, voger dancers began to arrange balls, where they could present themselves in various images. Over time, many different nominations appeared (for example, HANDS PERFORMANCE, ARMS CONTROL, SEX SIREN, etc.), in

which vogers could compete for the right to be the best in their category! Today, the culture of vog-balls is gaining wide popularity. Representatives of various vogue houses participate in balls and compete with vogers from other houses for the right to be the best in their business!

Vogue-house is a community, it is a family where there is a father and mother. Father and mother take “children” into their home. The decision to accept a member into the house is made individually and according to its own criteria. There are no clear rules for including dancers in a particular house.

Vogue-house is not just a dance community, this group of like-minded people, whose members share the views and aspirations of their house, and each family member has the freedom of expression and creativity.

Examples of foreign vogue houses: Ninja, Xtravaganza, Ultra Omni, Ebony, etc.

Russian vogue houses: Bonchinche (the first official house in Russia, father of Dima Bonchinche), VooDoo, Margiela, etc.

At the MDC NRG dance school, you can try every sub-style of this direction, plunge into the world of dance and get acquainted with a unique dance culture!


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